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Website Security, SEO, Portals & Legal Ethics

By Jennifer Ellis, Esq.   These days most businesses have websites that market to potential clients/customers. Also, some businesses offer a portal through which they communicate with clients/customers. Of course, many businesses take payments through their sites. For law firms, all these issues come into play. However, law firms must be cautious about meeting ethical
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The Sky Is Falling: If You Aren’t Paperless, Remote Technology Is Useless & You May Not Be Ethically Competent

By Daniel J. Siegel, Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel LLC   The sky is falling! The sky is falling! I am always being accused of being the Chicken Little of law office technology, always warning attorneys and law firms that they need to use technology and remove the leech of dependency on traditional methods
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ABA Issues New Cybersecurity Ethics Rules for Lawyers

By Gwenn Barney, White and Williams LLP   Lawyers are advisors and advocates. Clients trust lawyers to preserve secrets, confidential matters that when disclosed could cause financial or reputational damage. A significant element of legal representation involves safe-guarding these confidences competently and also acting responsibly if an unauthorized disclosure occurs.   Law firms are prime
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