Category: Cyber Liability

Is Your Cyber Insurance Policy Worth the Paper It’s Printed On?

By Jeffrey A. Franklin, Prince Law Offices P.C. Cyber insurance policies are now standard procedure for companies seeking to shift some risk in case of malware attacks and cyber hacks. In a test of the developing cyber insurance industry, Zurich America Insurance Company is reportedly refusing to pay out a $100 million claim from consumer
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Is Your Firm’s Data Secure? Common Law Firm Security Loopholes

By Jennifer Ellis, Esquire   Data breaches and identity theft are both serious and growing problems. Yet, many law firms fail to take the steps necessary to keep their clients’ information safe. Failure to protect not only your clients’ data, but the data of opposing parties, can lead to ethical issues, fines from government agencies
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Does the Fifth Circuit’s Decision in Spec’s Suggest a Breach for Cyber Coverage Into Other Insurance?

By Joshua Mooney and Andrew Lipton, White and Williams LLP   Despite the existence of cybersecurity insurance, companies still seek coverage for cyber liability under various types of other insurance. Carriers, in turn, rely upon broad exclusions to limit coverage for risks never intended to be insured. One such broad exclusion is for contractual liability. However,
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