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A Warning to Law Firms and Litigants: Unlawful Disclosure of PHI in Litigation Can Lead to Trouble

By Joshua Mooney, White and Williams LLP   The handling of sensitive data with appropriate care in litigation is a critical aspect of legal practice. Recent ABA Formal Opinions 477 and 483 discuss requirements for securing protected client information and lawyers’ obligations after a cyberattack. Conduct during litigation is no different. Unless stated otherwise by
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ABA Issues New Cybersecurity Ethics Rules for Lawyers

By Gwenn Barney, White and Williams LLP   Lawyers are advisors and advocates. Clients trust lawyers to preserve secrets, confidential matters that when disclosed could cause financial or reputational damage. A significant element of legal representation involves safe-guarding these confidences competently and also acting responsibly if an unauthorized disclosure occurs.   Law firms are prime
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